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Armooo — Jason Michalski

I am a software engineer at Dropbox. I started using Python 13 years ago working on an e-commerce site created with Zope. Since then I have used python to implement a SOA system using both MQ and RESTfull web services. I am a co-organiser of the Boston Python User Group.

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4lw is a DNS server that converts mad libs style strings in to IPv4 addresses. It was created after this reddit post. Checkout localhost at
IsyTude is a service that uses google latitude to update an ISY-99i home automation controller with your distance from home. This enables the ISY-99i to take actions based on your distance from home, from turning the lights on at dusk if you are home to changing the thermostat to save energy while you are out. IsyTude is still a work in progress.
Cloudprint client for Google Cloud Print. It uses CUPS to access local printers and publishes them with Google's service. This was created when the only client was Chrome on Windows.
pyTivo is HMO and GoBack servers similar to TiVo Desktop Plus. It supports TiVos Series 2+ and will auto detect the supported video formats for each, SD or HD etc. I am no longer active in this project.

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